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What we do

Better, safer care for people is at the heart of what we do

Nurses, midwives and nursing associates are highly skilled, compassionate and caring professionals. They strive to deliver the best care possible for people but all too often workforce pressures hold them back.

Better, safer care today: working with professionals to drive up standards of care

We set the education standards that nurses, midwives and, in England, nursing associates, must achieve to practise. When they have shown both clinical excellence and a commitment to kindness, compassion and respect, we welcome them onto our register of nearly 700,000 professionals.

Once registered, professionals must uphold day in, day out the standards and behaviour set out in our code so that people can have confidence that they will consistently receive quality, safe care wherever they’re treated.

We operate a revalidation process that encourages nurses, midwives and nursing associates to promote lifelong learning. It’s a journey that asks professionals to reflect on their practice and how the code applies to their day-to-day work.

Professional regulation enables better care and keeps people safe. But on the rare occasions when care goes wrong or falls short of people’s expectations, we step in to investigate and take action when needed.

We promote a culture that encourages professionals to be open and learn from mistakes, gives the public an equal voice, and where everyone involved is treated with kindness and understanding.

Better, safer care together: working with partners and the public to improve the health and social care system

When demand from the public for health and social care is increasing across the UK, it is vital there are enough professionals to deliver world class care and keep the public safe.

We work with partners to influence policy and decision-making that supports and develops the future health and social care workforce.

We’re also delving deeper into the data we hold on our register and from other activities to shine a light on the many different environments nurses, midwives and nursing associates provide care.

Using our influence and data effectively has a positive impact on the recruitment and retention of nurses, midwives and nursing associates across the UK.

When the health and social care system fails we engage with the public and work closely with partners to learn from these mistakes and ensure appropriate action is taken to prevent this happening again.

A better NMC: improving how we operate for everyone’s benefit

To enable professionals to deliver better, safer care and improve the system nurses, midwives and nursing associates work in, we are committed to becoming a better regulator.

We are changing our culture to be kinder to each other, and everyone else we engage and interact with. We are adopting new ways of working to become smarter at pinpointing opportunities for and barriers to enabling consistent, quality care that keeps people safe. We are investing in our people to become a great place to work, delivering a high quality, value for money service.

To demonstrate our commitment to change, we are working with people, partners, professionals and employees to co-produce a new long-term strategy. Join us today, and together we’ll develop an ambitious new plan for the next five years – one that helps us become the best NMC possible, supporting nurses, midwives and nursing associates to deliver even better, safer care for people.