1. Do I have to be a UK national to apply for this role? 

You must be free to remain and take up this role in the UK. You can live or work in any of the four countries of the UK.

2. Is there an upper age limit?


3. Can I apply for a role if I am currently already involved with the NMC?

Yes, although the nature of your role and any potential conflict of interest would need to be further explored. Being a current Fitness to Practise panellist would not affect your eligibility, however please note that if you have been involved with the design, delivery and/or quality assurance of the Test of Competence (either CBT or OSCE), you would be considered to have a conflict of interest and would not be eligible to apply. If you have any questions about potential conflicts of interest, please email nmc@gatenbysanderson.com

4. Can I apply to be a Registrant Group Member if I am a nursing or midwifery professional and a previous Registrant, but am no longer practising?

The Registrant Group Member role is open to nurse, nursing associate and midwife candidates, or those working in nurse, nursing associate, or midwife education and holding current NMC registration. You do not need to be in practice. You must maintain your registration throughout your term of office, including revalidating, if required.

Should you cease to be a registered nurse or midwife at any time during your term of appointment, you would no longer be able to continue in this role.

In considering whether to apply for this role, you may therefore wish to consider whether you intend to maintain your registration throughout the full term of appointment.

You must also live or work wholly or mainly in one of the four UK countries: England; Northern Ireland; Scotland; or Wales.

5. Can I apply to be a Lay Group Member if I am a previous NMC Registrant, but am no longer practising?

The Lay Group Member role is only open to candidates who have never been registered or practised as nurses, nursing associates or midwives, and who have never worked in nurse, nursing associate or midwife education.

You must also live or work wholly or mainly in one of the four UK countries: England; Northern Ireland; Scotland; or Wales.

6. Who can be Chair of the Group?

Applicants from any background can express their interest in the Chair role, and the successful candidate can be a Registrant, Registrant working in Education, or Lay Group Member. Candidates should bear the role they are applying for in mind when answering the competency questions. The Chair will be selected by the NMC from the appointed candidates, and suitability will be tested at telephone and final interview stages.

7. If I have been the subject of a Fitness to Practise complaint am I eligible to apply?

You cannot have been the subject of any proceedings or investigation by the NMC or any other licensing body, which resulted in an order for your erasure from our register or any other register.

Your registration as a nurse or any other profession, can also not be currently subject to a suspension, conditions of practice or caution order where applicable.

8. What will the time commitment be for the role? 

On average, you will need to commit to working for us for up to 6 days a year. Members shall be appointed for up to four years and may be considered for re-appointment for a further final four years.

9. Is the role remunerated?

Members of the Test of Competence Assurance Advisory Group are entitled to an allowance of £310 per day, with Chairs being entitled to an allowance of £340 per day. Chairs can be either Lay or Registrant.

An allowance of £50 will be paid for any reading involved.

This is not a contract of employment.

10. Do I need to travel to London for meetings?

Most meetings will be held at the NMC’s central London offices in Portland Place, however some will take place by video conference, and some work may also be undertaken by correspondence.

11. Who will make the appointments decision?  

The NMC selection panel will make the final decision on which candidates are to be offered a role. Names and titles of panel members will be shared with those candidates who are invited to final interview in January.

12. Will there be an Induction?

Successful applicants will be invited to a one-day induction event at the NMC’s offices in central London. This is likely to be in early March 2020.

13. Will I be expected to visit the Test centres?

Group members will be very welcome to visit the Test centres to enhance their understanding and knowledge, but this is not a requirement.

14. I am unavailable for the Final Interview dates. Are any other dates available for interview?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer alternative dates.